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Frequently Asked Questions 



Q. Do I need to appear for a First-time passport or passport renewal?

A. Yes, all applicants must appear in person for fingerprinting and Image acquisition.


Q. How do I apply for a New or First-time Nigeria passport?

A. To apply for a first-time passport, the requirements are:

-Adult: A birth certificate & Copy of at least one Nigerian Parent’s passport data page.


-Minor: Copy of Birth certificate, Both Nigerian parent's passport data page, Consent letter duly signed & notarized by both parents.


Q.What do I need for a Nigerian Passport Renewal?

  1. In other to renew or reissue a Nigerian passport, the Applicant needs to appear in person for thumb/fingerprinting and Image acquisition.

  2. Applicants must present an old physical passport. In the absence of a Passport, the Applicant must show a police report and submit a fine/payment in the form of a money order for a total amount of $370

  3. Lost passport renewal time takes anywhere from a (1)month - (3)three months.

Q. How much is it to renew a Nigerian passport?

Passport renewal for an Adult (18-60yrs) is and must submit USPS prepaid envelope


Minor: A renewal passport for a minor is $166 and that includes the mail-back envelope (USPS expedite)



Q. Who needs an Emergency travel document?


Nigerian passport holders and newborns (ages 0-10years) to Nigerian citizens, qualify to get a travel document.

A travel document is good for 30 days from the travel date when it was issued.

A travel document is good for a trip to Nigeria and can only be used for travel to Nigeria.


Requirements to obtain a travel document: A travel document can be applied for in-person or mailed to our office address at :


Attn: Dubem Ohanu

Nigerian Passport Service

8046 Roswell rd, Suite 101B Atlanta, GA 30350


Adult requirements :


  • An expired Physical or copy of Nigerian passport Two Passport photographs

  • Valid Travel Ticket or Itinerary

  • Application fee in the form of a money order mailed or brought along into the office.


Minor Requirements :

  • Copy of Birth certificate

  • Consent letter from both parents

  • Data page of Nigerian Parent's passport.

  • 2 Passport Photographs




Q.Who needs a Nigerian Visa?


Any applicant that doesn’t hold a Valid Nigerian Passport or holds a Passport from another country can apply for a Nigerian Visa.


A dual citizen or applicant with a Nigerian passport and US passport can also apply for a Nigerian Visa.


Q. How long is a Nigerian Visa valid for?


A Nigerian Visa is valid for 2 years or 24 months and has to be used within (3) three months of Issuance.

A Nigerian Visa may take anywhere from a week to two weeks to get processed.


Individuals who wish to rush their visa process may indicate by saying so and showing a ticket or proof of urgent travel.

All Nigerian Visa applications should be mailed to our office address at :



Dubem Ohanu Nigerian Passport Service

8046 Roswell Rd, Suite 101B Atlanta, GA 30350


Nigerian Visa Requirements :


  • A valid US passport or any other International passport excluding Nigerian Passport.

(All other passports of other Countries must provide proof of residency ex. Green card or Valid Visa)


-Letter of Invitation from the host or invitee stating that they will be responsible for the Visa applicant during their stay in Nigeria

-Travel ticket or itinerary if any. (Not a mandatory requirement)

-Hotel reservation if any

-Contact information inside mailing envelope when sending their package to our office.

-Two Passport Photographs

-Proof of travel funds or statement of account

Minors :

Additional documents include :

-Letter of consent duly signed by both parents

  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Parents' passport data pages or ID


General information :

We are not the embassy and as such we never bear any responsibilities for an applicant who hasn’t received a Nigerian passport after being processed or fingerprinted by the Nigerian Embassy.


We only provide/offer services which include :

-Filling out a New or Renewal Nigerian Passport Application,


-Assisting Individuals and corporate bodies in getting a Nigerian visa. Please Note: All applicants for a visa MUST mail in their International Passports as they do not need to appear in person.


-Assisting Individuals who need an emergency travel document for urgent travel to Nigeria. All documents must be mailed or brought into our office. No exceptions.


We can provide them with the embassy number once they have been captured. Atlanta Nigerian Embassy Number - 770-394-6261

Washington Nigerian Embassy Number can be found on google as we do not give out these numbers


We don’t expedite any passports and such we don’t give out information as regards expediting any Nigerian passports.


We can only assist you by telling you to purchase a money order of whatever the current fee is to expedite a passport.


Same-day appointments and walk-ins in Atlanta Nigerian Embassy:

Yes you can do a walk-in for the base fee or an additional fee of $130


All other Nigerian embassies will have their appointment calendars on their website. Please check before heading to the embassy to know what date is available for appointments or walk-ins.



All applications are non-refundable. A customer can only qualify for a refund, if a duplicate application is made. A formal refund request would be logged directly through Innovate1 services.


Working Embassy times for Atlanta :

Monday - 8am - 12pm

Tuesday - 8am - 12pm

Wednesday - Closed to the public

Thursday - 8am -12pm

Friday - Closed to the public


Working Embassy times New york

Monday - Friday - 8 am - 2 pm


Working Embassy times

Washington DC Monday - Friday - 9 am - 1 pm


Times are subject to change. Please always use their different websites to confirm these times.


Our website is


Nigerian Passport Appointments:

In other to get an appointment, an applicant must receive an email before coming in for their fingerprinting. When there is no appointment letter or email, a customer must bring in a fee of

$130 and this can be purchased in our office for Atlanta Embassy only.

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